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Hi there 👋

I'm Lawrence Hebia

Front-End Web Developer

I love building things that help make the world a better place.

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About Me

A Front-End Web Developer

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I'm Lawrence Hebia

A Front-End Web Developer based in Toronto, Canada

I am a passionate and dedicated Front-End Web Developer who loves to build things that help to make the world a better place. I believe in code that humans can easily read and interfaces we can easily interpret. I love working with people and I believe in doing great work by doing what you love.

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My Skills

My growing toolbox

Recent Work

A few of the things i've built

Screenshot of the Devcompile project

A social feed for developers.



React | API | Firebase

A social feed for developers to view and save content from the API.

Live | Github

Screenshot of the Noah's Ark project

Test your memory with emojis.


Noah's Ark

HTML5 | CSS3 | JQuery

A fully accessible memory matching game using unicode and JQuery.

Live | Github

Screenshot of the Password Generator project

Generate complex passwords.


Password Generator

TypeScript | HTML5 | CSS3

A password generator to help you generate complex, secure passwords.

Live | Github

Screenshot of the Travel Ask project

Travel data in one place.



JQuery | SASS | API

A one-stop shop for travel data from the DarkSky and Rest Countries API.

Live | Github

Screenshot of the My Watchlist project

Find your next TV Show binge.


My Watchlist

React | API | Firebase

A TV Amaze API browser that allows you to build and save lists of your next TV show binge.

Live | Github

Screenshot of the Fun Place PSD conversion

Fun Place PSD conversion.


Fun Place

HTML5 | CSS3 | Responsive

A multipage, fully responsive PSD conversion of the fun place design.

Live | Github